What We're Doing

If you save money for a rainy day, you won't regret doing it when your car breaks down and you have to pay for a repair. If you eat right and exercise, you won't regret it when you stay in good health all through your life. And if you spend time with your aging loved ones today, you won't regret those missed opportunities when they're gone.
There are things we can do today that benefit us right now and pay dividends tomorrow, no matter what the future holds. It's all about adaptability -- the sort of wisdom that will serve our state well when it comes to enacting new energy policies and protecting our environment.
These wise, adaptable energy policies will stand on three pillars -- reliability, affordability and a protected environment.
Energy is the life blood of Michigan's economy, and without a reliable and affordable supply, our economy would simply shut down. But what good is a strong economy if we can't enjoy our environment -- the Great Lakes, our forests, fields, rivers and streams? Together, energy and our environment go hand in hand, and we must consider both together when planning for the future.

Energy and Environment Special Message

See below to learn more about Governor Snyder's plans for Michigan's energy future and a cleaner environment in his Special Message.